Smart Devices for Smart Homes

Smart Devices for Smart Homes

Is it understandable that a matter that shouldn’t even be a concern has become so severe, people face this problem at least once and enhancing their slots of security every day? Well, Home security is THE PROBLEM that routes many others along with its inception. New technologies are being introduced, devices are innovated from that technology just to ensure a born-right of every individual which is not normal! No matter what the reason is for this crime growth this is time for us to stand for ourselves and secure our certainty. 

Analyzing these issues, Rokkhi has brought some daily-use technological solutions for your home to introduce a system that is set to be sufficient. Here are some devices that will bring efficiency to your safety:

Smart Doorbell & Video Intercom:

This one package of the doorbell and video intercom works as a multipurpose device. Put it along with the front door of your home and you’ll be able to monitor ins and outs of your entrances all detailed in the records. You’ll be able to see and talk to the visitor while the visitor being outside at the front door. Get notified and monitor on your smartphone is an assurance to the enhancement of your safety.

Smart Door lock:

The conventional “Key-lock” system has become fragile considering the increasing crime rate in Bangladesh. New techniques are mastered by criminals which is why we have to be more cautious about our safety. Baraged in after breaking the lock has to be stopped. We need a better system for that and the smart door lock ensures that to some extent. In a smart door lock, you’ll find features such as a fingerprint sensor, passcode system, and even a key-lock system. Just a key-lock is never enough nowadays and enhancements must be made. You can forget your key but you can always unlock it going other ways.

Door-Window Sensor:

Does “window breakage” sound new? I bet it doesn’t. Lawbreakers taking over when the owner is not at home is a regular incident. Even when you’re at home it doesn’t mean you’re safe.  You might be threatened and all your preciouses are taken by the criminals is also a possibility. What if you get to know the situation before it’s happening. It can be stopped right? This is why a door-window sensor is necessary. You get to know the activities even when you’re not at home. Ask for support from your community and your home is in a safe space. A little component can save you from an unattainable blunder.

Gas Leakage:

Is there any end to this destructive saga of explosions that burns off buildings that might be the only income source of many individuals? Grasping thousands of lives, paralyzing people, businesses going down, all of that just for a little reason, GAS LEAKAGE. This is terrible that even after so many incidents the conventional system didn’t change much. That is why the Gas Leakage sensor is mandatory. This will do the trick for not only household and big buildings as well. The device will put a stop, whenever even a minimum level of gas leakage is found. Sensing the gas leakage is not enough as you have to take care of it manually. Stopping the leakage automatically is the solution we need.

Smoke Detector:

We don’t need any explanation to understand this device. Especially,  those who work with electronics or companies that involve fire. Anything can happen there and the risk is not unnoticeable at all. A little accident consisting of little smoke can take your life and ruin families as well. Why are we taking these risks? Are these really so negligible? We need to learn before it even happens. That is the job of this device. We really need this.

Smart Security Camera:

security camera is a must for those who can afford it. The trend of having a security camera at home, as well as workplaces, are increasing in numbers along with the development of new societies and luxurious communities. People are more cautious about their home security and tend to buy security cameras for their safety.

Technological advancement influenced both sides either it is the miscreant or the victims. To breach a better security system you got to be better than the system. This is why there is no alternate for the implementation of digital security maintenance services. Yet the question arises about the efficiency, data safety, adaptation to new technology, and several other issues. No one should ever be able to grasp our liberty! Our security.

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