Security Management of Apartments in Bangladesh

Security Management of Apartments in Bangladesh


Security is one of the fields where no improvisations are made. With the great progression of technology, we are now adapting ourselves to a more secure and reliable position. This development of society brings a lot of advantages to our daily life but the drawbacks are no less than that. The home we accommodate in has to be a place with serenity and peace with no hinders. In Bangladesh, it isn’t new to us to witness many crimes that involve a family or children who are in trouble due to the lack of security issues in the building or any particular apartment. Bangladesh is still not grown up as a well-developed country. Economically or technologically it is still adjusting to its own ideas. The government is in trouble keeping its domain. In a country like this, public safety is a huge issue considering the proportion of bad influence it contains.  

Overview of The Problem 

Establishing safe living is a gain. To have a proper understanding of the problem of security management it is a must to look at the quality of living in Bangladesh. We don’t have enough resources among us. Most of the people don’t even know how to use it. For example, most of the houses or apartments in Bangladesh are out of the service of surveillance cameras, they don’t have the security alarm system or they don’t even have proper entering/leaving records in the building. The problem is not that we don’t have the technology, the problem relies in that we are not serious enough about the issue. We have the technology but the failure is less citizens with proper academical and practical knowledge or experience. Everything is done manually and it is a risk that the person keeping the records are not honest or they can make mistakes.  

Every year, many quality students from different fields are graduated and try find their spaces to work in the field of data and home security. Some of the failures are too advanced for the country and some of them are unable to find enough resources or supports. The people aren’t interested enough to take an idea of this change in their life. As a result, we lose them and others take the advantages of it. Even if they want to work for this country, they are unable. We have the brains to make this country a better place but we are losing it and pushing ourselves backward.  So, the question remains as how we are going to make our living more safely? 

Solution and Options  

To implement technologies in Bangladesh the first thing we need to look into is what we can afford and what we cannot. The well-developed countries are already way ahead of us in terms of technologies. They are making and using GPRS protocols with internet technologies, monitoring companions, wireless detectors with sensors or face recognitions etc.

Embedded system is designed to provide security due to improvement in microcontroller and widespread applications. There are lifestyle companions which allows them to access and monitor their home safety with great features such as smoke detectors, alarming systems or implemented cameras for a price. But can we afford it here in Bangladesh? Some may can but most of us don’t bother to. 

If we think and analyze the problems and try to come with a solution considering affordable technologically, we are going to see a lot of changes and betterment will be seen. Let’s think about a system which keeps all the records and takes pictures of the people entering and leaving the building instead of doing it manually or an RFID system can also be an option. It saves time and you don’t really have to wait for your watchman to come and hold the entrance for you.

A fingerprint scanner for the people living in a building or an alarm system at the apartment entrance works just fine and automatically. If it is possible to arrange cc camera you can see everything of your home activities from your mobile phone or computer. These are also not affordable for all the people but if we try to make people occupy from now the number will increase. 

Surviving without technological efficiency will look like a burden in coming years. Technology will take over our works and job fields. Robots will be more efficient than humans. We may not need our watchman; the political and judicial activities can be conducted with no human interactions. The more we adapt with technology the more we are moving towards the future. It is estimated that the security issues will go down to 90% or more and of course the robots are not going to take bribes which will be an enormous change to the society. 


In a comparatively less developed country like Bangladesh, it is most likely to take more time for people to learn and adapt this change of life. It is essential to make people realize about their well-being and educate them in the right way. A secured home is so necessary to have a healthy living. Readjust our life with technology will be obligatory in the future. The quality of living Bangladesh has right now, it may need a lot of years to overcome their economic issues or make peoples living stable. The progression of tech is required as it is where we will rely. Otherwise the world will go on leaving us behind. 

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