Growing Popularity of Gated Communities

Growing Popularity of Gated Communities

Introduction: Gated communities are considered as new generation residents. These societies are superior because of some of their traits, that brings serenity, protection, and privacy in a particular area. Here, the question arises, how do they maintain a healthy lifestyle in a country like Bangladesh where a big part of the population doesn’t get a standard living? What is the core concept of these gated communities? Simply, these communities are favorites because it solves the core problems this country have. Currently, the urban areas of Bangladesh are densely overpopulated, have severe traffic hold-ups with unstructured construction, which is why the gated communities get the priority, by offering the services with a huge difference in nature. 

Overview: A community is valued by the structure it holds, the facilities it offers, and the living standard it carries. The core concern that a gated community holds is the security it offers to its residents. A gated community is well-secured, not only because it is partitioned by the wall but also owns security management that works dedicatedly to that particular society, maintaining better dependability. Managing the safety of fewer people means minimized complications, ensuring the structured system. For example, Bashundhara R/A is a residential area that has its own office and security management system that only carries loads of this particular area, by setting up police booths and guards in every important point.

Another important attribute that recognizes a gated community is the facilities it allows for the people to live here, one of the ways to show if you value your community or not. Every gated community is controlled by a single administration, which brings fewer conflicts in terms of resolving a matter, by stabilizing a greater communication.

An ideal gated community respects the privacy of every individual living there. Any kind of interference and privacy violation is strictly prohibited, and penalties are executed as per the situation. There are grocery stores and restaurants, even schools near the households to make sure comfort. 

Generally, there are no traffic gridlocks in gated communities, but from the perspective of Bangladesh, the hold-up is not away, yet much lesser than the conventional living, by ensuring a good road structure. For families, child safety is the most important. Having a traceable system, proper privacy maintenance, it is perfect to be with your family, in an eco-friendly environment.

Gated communities are more of an area within another. Recently, gated communities grabbed attention in Bangladesh, due to which some new communities are developing, rules & regulations are changing, facilities are introduced, which varies from area to area. Rupayan City, Uttara is one of the featured topics in Bangladesh right now, the budget they have, and the humongous area they’re going to contain, allotting around 134 bighas, designed and constructed by renowned architects and engineers, getting ready to be the first of its kind in Bangladesh. This mega venture has potentially the highest standard of security. 

Among the finest gated communities in Bangladesh Bashundhara R/A is arguably has the best facilities, the best shopping complexes and eateries all are just within your reach, the living standard is above the general population, but yes, not everybody can afford to live in a community like this because the expenses are as comparable as the provisions. 

Each gated community has its rules and regulations according to their authority, yet there are several common factors that they share, even after not being connected at all. For example, Uttara and Baridhara gated communities are comparatively quiet with less chaos and maintain a contemporary lifestyle whereas Uttara and Banasree both are budget-friendly communities that offer features & facilities that are exclusive enough for a fine lifestyle. Banani and Bashundhara R/A are two places that have both industrial and residential parameters. Proposes home near the workplace, short driving distance to workplaces, overall a great collaboration between the two sectors of a well-decorated home and office, away from the daily hassles, even though both of the areas are prime facilitated and expensive, their popularity is as proportional to that.

Advantages & Disadvantages: Gated communities are built on a belief to ensure an efficient living for every individual. Just like a coin that has two sides, so do the communities have their respective characteristics, that vary from one person to another, in terms of preferences. 

This is a general fact that, if you are looking for better services you have to dig deep in your pockets. These kinds of communities ensure safer living conditions, better lifestyle than the usual living standards. So, the costs are as high as the benefits. 

You might not have to think much about your neighborhood hindering your personal space but what about the hassles your relatives will face entering your home. When you’re under surveillance you’re never free, in some cases, your guests need the authority approval to enter your building area!

A gated community is controlled by a single protocol centrally. They want to control everything at the expense of offering facilities to their community people. The Homeowners Association (HOA) always tries to ensure a presentable home and community, so that they can present their property to the buyers if they plan to sell anyway. But the problem occurs when they start to interfere, try to dominate what you do with your home. Think about changing your front door to something that you like, which is not appreciated by homeowners associations, might become a pain in the head to the dwellers, may face interception and overpowering unjust, that shows dependency on the society nevertheless dwellers desire. 
Conclusion: As time flows, Bangladesh is shaping up as a digital country, which is why maintaining an efficient living standard is crucial. Gated communities ensure that reliability in the household, keeping up the exclusivity of residential facilities in a walled community easily surpasses the general level of living, which may dictate the other communities and societies in near future. Yet, there will always be hazards in residing here, because just being able to afford this community is not enough, maintaining a lifestyle such as this, coping up with the neighborhood is expensive enough is not for everyone. This sums up that this community only targets a certain class of people, which is growing so fast that even those who can barely afford this type of living are getting in here and the result is not always up to the expectation.

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