How to Spend Money to Save Money – Expense Management for Building

How to Spend Money to Save Money – Expense Management for Building

Since the last decade, personal expense management companions earned mentionable acceptance among the young generation.  It helps an individual to keep track of the expenses that bring flexibility to spend money wisely. There are thousands of applications to resolve personal expense management problems but what about expense management for building

We are looking forward to developing a Digital Bangladesh yet our building management is not influenced much by the recent technological upgrades. Of course, there are exceptions but an ordinary person does not think about automating their home. Maintaining expenses may seem a negligible topic yet may make you suffer in the long run. That is where Rokkhi comes in.

Building related problems that can be solved by the Rokkhi mobile app:

Tracing the credits

One of the best ways to spend money wisely is to keep track of why someone is spending, where are they spending, and is it necessary or not? A building expense companion makes you think about all this when you try to keep your building well-maintained. When it is visually seen that you are spending much more than you should and may hamper you at the end of the month it creates awareness, develops better management.

Less Attention to the little details

A misconception is there that only the daily necessities need companions to rely on. So, why is this a misconception? And why should I keep a companion for something that is not necessary on a daily basis? Well, if we look thoroughly into our building management system, there are other factors to think about such as due rent or bills, maintenance costs, building funds management, etc. If not for monthly collection, to keep records of these regular services and other irregularities a companion is a must. Rokkhi does all of this with a single mobile app that is efficient to handle every expense management issue of your building.

Frequent Miscalculation

Suppose you wrote an important yet unchangeable calculation in your accounts but you need to change it after a while. Striking it through and making it a mess shouldn’t be an option in that case. Expense management is an easy yet sensitive job. One mistake only turns into a greater one, makes it uglier. 

Take the phone, delete the calculation, make a new one with no complications to worry about. No record manipulation can occur through the system of Rokkhi.

Misreading the Value

Sometimes, we don’t understand the value of building expense management until it is the end of the month because that is when we calculate our rents and expenses altogether. To save time, and keep precision, a building expense management application is undoubtedly necessary. 

In many cases, we do not take our money instantly. There are dues and other stuff to carry about as well. Evaluation of these scenarios is not taken seriously generally. We think of it like we are going to take the money later. No problem! But we forget about it when the time comes.

Repetition of Task

Expense management is a continuous process that carries the financial stability of a building or an individual. Needless to say, it is tough to maintain a flawless record of tasks because of this repetitive nature. It takes a significant time to maintain the books and edit them several times. Even if you manage time to do it you may not be able to make it every time. You are taking more time to do a task means another job gets lagged. You don’t have the whole day to think about this! But we avoid this lag as it happens in several parts which makes us suffer in the bigger scenarios.

We should learn about saving time from the little chores. If not now, sometimes later everyone must come to an online system as we are digitalizing everything around us. We are running faster and technology is taking over. A platform that helps your building management and work cycles should be much appreciated and adapted easily.

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