Building Notice Management going Digital in Bangladesh

Building Notice Management going Digital in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is probably one of the few countries that have great potential in terms of digitalization after the recent noticeable technological growth. The current scenario suggests that new startups and e-commerce companies are emerging with possibilities and new working sectors are being introduced. The one sector that is not so much nurtured in Bangladesh is digitalization in building management and an important part of building management is notice management. 

We have several flaws in our notice management of buildings. We are still stuck in the wall-notice form. Think of it, notice management is only a little part of the whole building management process yet there is numerous inadequacy that can be reduced. Let’s analyze the problems first. 

In a building, not every tenant is the same. Not everyone works the same way or going to maintain the rules made for building management purposes. Some of the ideal problems that owners have to face daily are:

Avoidance of Notices

Not every tenant obeys the building rules unless they are made to. Building notices are essential to run the building with fewer flaws. If someone disobeys a rule, it affects others which results in more people getting into the same line of avoidance as numerous families and individuals live in the same environment, it develops frustration for everyone.  

Justification of Excuses

Avoidance brings excuses. If someone does not pay attention to caution and fall into that particular problem, they shall go to the building owner or committee complaining about the same irregularity. The committee then has to deal with the same problem again. This problem shatters the regular system of the whole complex. Moreover, the owner or committee has to deal with the same problem several times.


If the building notices are not maintained properly, each individual will do the same task in different ways. This brings conflict among the tenants and the owner or management committee. Everyone practically wants to maintain a good relationship at least at the place they live in. If that is messed up, this will take into more conflicts in the future, and eventually the situation will get worse.

Digitalization is the process that may save an owner from these mentioned problems. If the wall-notice is reformed and put into your mobile phone, how will that look? Nowadays, we all own a mobile phone which means none can avoid the notices if those are delivered on the phone they must go through that. 

Rokkhi Limited is working to solve this problem since its establishment. They made it possible to outsource this flexibility to everyone. Because of them, it is possible to manage building notices through a single mobile application. Here is why an owner should have their services at home.

Digitalization in Every Sector

A few years back, digitalization emerged in Bangladesh in most of the sectors. Several IT companies, e-commerce, and everybody now look to bring their business online. This is a drastic change. Nevertheless, startup culture is also growing up here efficiently. Is it too hard to believe that the building management is also on its way to digitalization? Just like everyone adapted to other sectors, now or a few years later, everyone will have to shift to the digital building management system. This is one step further to that!

Unmatched Efficiency 

In the conventional system, you have to check for the notices in the building. It is also tough to notify every flat and ask them if that is okay with them or not. Through the digital notice board of Rokkhi, the system will send notifications automatically whenever a notice is issued in the building. You don’t need to go to see the notice anymore. The notice will come to you.

Find Notices From Anywhere in the World

How much time does a person spend at home on average? For the working individuals, the number is really low which is why they need to find their necessities wherever they are. Through this digital notice system, they can get their notices even if they are at the office or anywhere in the world.

Faster & Better

There are several steps in putting a notice in a building, Writing the building notice on paper, printing it out, and then putting it on the wall. Why not do it in fewer easy steps? Take your phone, write and send it to everyone with a single click and that’s it.

Notices are mandatory in a building management system. If it is managed in a precise and easy way, the complexity of the whole building management scenario might be reduced.

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