Rokkhi: An Easier Way To Deal With Building Complaint Digitally

Rokkhi: An Easier Way To Deal With Building Complaint Digitally


Complaint about building management are nothing new. Every day several situations arise that have a particular satisfactory factor which leads to having a complaint about any mismanagement of a building. Particularly in Bangladesh, a problem when appears in a building or building community, there is not much guidance or authority to make it right. Maintaining a system that considers your problem and offers a solution is so much necessary to make a change to society. Several steps to complaint management have already been failed to make an impact previously. But if you see closely in terms of efficiency and effectiveness technology has always had the upper hand. So, it is just a matter of time when technology takes over the system. But what are our options to have better management with innovative technology? Will we be able to rely on or adapt to new technological systems? 


The solution is rather explicit. It is necessary to take precise steps against the violation of rules with proper authority and dedicated management to diminish the anguishes. A tenant cannot just show up to the management committee every day and what about the comparatively lesser complicated problems? Putting complaint boxes in the building might be a solution but what if a complaint box is inserted into your mobile phone? 

Here is how the Rokkhi App operates to solve building complaint

Mobile Phones Comes in Handy

Undoubtedly, mobile phones are one of the technologies that are used daily. Then what is the point of having complaint booths in the building without seeking actual attention? In the past, people were seen putting money in the complaint box thinking of it as a donation box. People don’t even bother to read the given notices! Think of plotting the same complaint box that you have seen around the airport on your mobile phone. More people will find it attractive? Maybe they will.

Avoidance of Pranks

Scenarios of fake complaints made for fun or fraud contacts to the authorities have always been there. That is the reason the manual system is not reliable anymore. What if we just take the phone out and type the complaint just like a message that reaches directly to the building management authority? It will make things more peaceful, reliable, accurate, and risk-free. The management can always track you, so if you are doing any prank or anything you can be heavily penalized. Problem solved!

A Faster Process

The conventional complaint boxes take days to be executed. Yet, the same thing when done through the mobile phone it shall take seconds to notify the proper authorities to take action against it. A faster and reliable solution every building.

Flexibility During Workdays

Another perk is that it doesn’t really matter if you’re at home or office you can make sure you are notifying your complaints to authority. You have to stay at home to inform your objection to the management. Rokkhi is the only name that dedicatedly created a system for building complaint management through their mobile application. 

The solution to Risk Factors

Tenants are not always available to talk to the management about complaints. When their perspectives are passed through a person they might be manipulated where it can be sent through the Rokkhi app instantly. Privacy is maintained and no third person is involved as well! 

Introducing a new technology brings contradictions as well. If any universal complaint management system ever comes to or created in Bangladesh we have to make sure that it is reaching people. Campaigns to reach out to people, keeping them acknowledged about what the whole thing is about is the key. Relying on technology to have a better complaint management system is unavoidable. Using technology is the most sufficient way to achieve a proper system. These innovations may not be compatible for some people at first but they may emerge to be successful in the long run. Educating and making them realize what better management is about should always be the priority.

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