Managing Expense is Managing Life

Managing Expense is Managing Life

Home management expenses are never-ending. In every step of home management, you have to spend much of your efforts and money. So, it gets critical to keep track of the money spent on certain activities. Sometimes it is managed by pen-paper or verbal agreements are thought to be enough. But you can’t take the risks when your money is inherently involved in every decision of yours. Moreover, renters never go easy on household problems. The owner is being responsible for everything regardless of their faults.

Expenditure management is never easy. Bargaining the prices for the services and spending according to the budgets never happen. The problems occur when the expenses surpass the income limit. That is why having a goal for your living expenses is necessary. It solves maybe 50% of all your household problems.

It is necessary to point out the potential non- spareable expenses such as the groceries, monthly family expenses, visits and all at the starting of the month. Does that surpass your expectation? If yes, you may need to change your lifestyle and if not you should optimize your expenses as much as you can. The sudden plans must be avoided as they give you a lot of joy for a short time but in the long run you always suffer.

What really are the facts that resist us to have a proper management system? Shouldn’t it be easy. You spend and keep notes. That’s how you keep the trace. That’s easy right? But that’s not the only job we have. For example, if you have a corporate job, if you travel a lot you complete more or less a hundred tasks a day. Who’s going to remind you to note down everything. Carrying a notebook always in the bag is also a tough job to maintain. Maybe you lose it, you skip for one or two days and that becomes a habit.

While managing your expenses, avoiding debt is the best possible way to stay stable. That’s why it’s important to have a plan in place. Maybe some changes in the daily routines may do the trick. Your home, office, and other management systems are internally connected.

For home expenses, Rokkhi is a mobile application that settles your home management expenses in one place. Either it is the rent or the utility bills of your home, you can note and send the description to the dwellers within seconds. Your expenses for the damage management can be acknowledged to the renters by the owner also.

Develop a realistic budget and stick to it. Reviewing a budget as a weekly task and changing it accordingly. Some easy ways to develop a budgeting system are keeping sticky notes or online software and apps. These programs will help you determine how much you are next move.

Curb your impulse buying. If you see something that you want to buy, don’t! Go home and mull it over. If you do this, you probably won’t return to the store to make the purchase. It is really necessary to stay with the instinct you have. Sometimes we buy things and throw it aside after some days.

Managing credit card bills are one of the most efficient ways to keep yourself going. Spending more than the limit will cost you in the long run. Yes, it is manageable sometimes but it is a problem when it becomes a habit. Taking care of your expenses is taking care of your mental health because it brings more pressure to you.

Make it a hobby to develop alternatives to spending unnecessary money. Instead of going out, go for a walk and have a good time. Renting books at the library instead of buying them may suit you. Take advantage of promotions going on in your city. Many cities have a day where museums are free.

You have to be sure that you have adequate insurance on your home, its commodities and automobiles. Sometimes its a burden not to have  heavy bills on shoulder that you are unable to put off. If you were involved in a major accident due to fault of your own and don’t have proper insurance, you may be responsible for most of the cost of the damages out of pocket.

Expenditure is not a tough yet critical job to do. The better you maintain your expenses the lighter your lifestyle will be. All you need is put them into a system and make that your routine. Maybe depending on GSM technologies or lifestyle solutions will be the most sufficient idea to come up with. If expenditure management is not implemented correctly in the long run any individual will suffer. Bangladesh being an underdeveloped country most of the people go through this management problem even without realizing it. Reducing the little unnecessary expenses might have big impacts on bigger scenarios.

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