Technological Security Solutions of different aspects in Bangladesh

Technological Security Solutions of different aspects in Bangladesh

Security problems have been one of the major concerns for over decades now. It never loses its way. One problem is solved, another joins the next day. It’s a hectic job to keep a clean and uninterrupted security management system. Invention comes from necessities and we are never tired of new changes. Either it is our home, office or internet security it is a basic requirement to have a stable yet flexible security system. 

Why is security management necessary? Ever gave it a thought? If you haven’t, you should. Your information is not yours now. Every other technology is there to track you down. The services we use, use our locations, daily activities. Even our home is not the place it used to be because of the security issues. What is the escape to it?

It must be noted that we are the ones who provide our information deliberately for their services. So, there’s no one else to blame! We are dependent on a lot of technologies on the daily basis starting from fitness bands to our daily check-ins. But providing too much about us may harm us in several ways. Therefore, we are now searching for our alternatives to manage these earlier technologies to change in  better and safer directions. 

Nowadays we share everything about our lives on the internet. It’s okay to some extent but when it is over the limit you cannot be okay with this. There are allegations on many big companies about selling their information. Trading information is no joke. More precisely it is trading lives. Yes, the internet, it’s applications are way more attractive and necessary for us. But the addiction may make us leave our daily tasks. Here we are also trading our daily life just to play a game which is insane! That is just some moments of entertainment on that side of the story.

If we look around us, we are immensely dependent on technology either explicitly or implicitly. But we have to survive for a long time without others controlling our lives. For example, many of us might’ve heard about cashless currency. The bitcoins are most popular. Why is that? Our traditional system is not enough? Yes, it isn’t enough. When purchasing something from your visa/debit card, authorities know that you’re purchasing and that is no freedom. In Bangladesh, mobile banking is already popular even among the middle class families. Companies like Bkash dominate the market single handedly. That is why the alternative currency is important. Even the things we browse on the internet, we are not watching alone. There are some untraceable browsers available for free for this problem. Privacy is one of the most important aspects of our living. That is why the alternates are necessary. 

When everything of yours is your responsibility you have to take care of your privacy also. Provide the much which is needed for the service or to use any application. There are propagandas also on the internet which want you to share everything on the internet. It is important to use these applications. Sometimes these are our daily companions. 

Rokkhi is one of the most reliable sources that tries to enhance your security with their features. If you take the advantages of the features, you’ve to create an account, give them some information and use them just as for others. If you don’t, maybe you’ll have to live with a vulnerable security system. That is why this is an important topic to rely on.

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We are relying on technology for the betterment of our daily life for ages now. Some technologies may want to actually help us but there is also another side of the coin we have to consider. That is our security of information. Sharing much is necessary and avoiding the propagandas are the key. Alternatives are made and are used for these reasons. Either it is daily companions or online transactions we need our privacy otherwise others controlling us which may harm us to have a normal life.


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