Can We Rely on Technology For a Change

Can We Rely on Technology For a Change

Security management has been one of the biggest challenges we face in today’s world. Particularly, in developing countries such Bangladesh it is tougher to ensure home safety of the mass population. Previously it has been proved that the conventional structure of our home safety is never enough as a safeguard to our society as well as individuals. Even the visitors that meet us occasionally we don’t really have any trustable record of it. Don’t you think this should be changed? It has to change and  technology will make the change for the betterment of our security. Let’s think about it!

In Bangladesh, security solutions have never been so smooth. A visitor wastes a lot of his time and energy just to enter the building. Sometimes the security guard is not there or taking out his records and confirming your information manually takes like forever! If the safety issues are concerned, it is silly but true that sometimes verbal agreements are good enough to let people enter your building if the security guard knows the person regardless of the concern of the owner. Should this really be the case? These types of security management are meaningless and must be ignored. 

Another concern about our security management in Bangladesh is that there are glitches in our systems. Someone forbidden may enter just by bribing the security guard and harm you. You don’t really know if the person you are trusting to put the responsibility of the security of your building is trustworthy or not. The security guard controls the records and is able to manipulate too. Who knows! That’s where technology intercepts. 

Technology has been our savior for a long time now. There are debates about relying on technology for our safety. A lot of questions arise and what the answers should be? Let’s take an example, a few years back if you didn’t know the way to your destination what did you do? Asked others or took someone who knows the way? Then the google maps came. For surveillance issues, the CCtv camera was introduced and controlled by the government officials. Right now, what are you doing to keep your family and home safe? For home management and safety, Rokkhi is the only company in Bangladesh that is working to upgrade your home safety by introducing a real time mobile application. It has features that will walk you through every step to home management comfortably. 

Whenever there is necessity innovation always works it through. Yes, there are security issues. Your information can be stolen or manipulated. But the systems are organized and daily updated to deal with that. But this is absolute that these systems are way more secure than the manual conventional systems at our home. Because it is you who is controlling your home safety from your mobile phone and without even being at home that brings a huge change to your flexibility. You don’t rely on any caretaker or anyone, you call your shots. You are the one who knows better about what you need.

The next industrial revolution is about to hit us. Our homes will also be influenced through this. We need reliability and technology provides that. Every step we take either implicitly or explicitly will be dependent on the new technologies. It is said that about 50% of the people will lose their job to technology during the implementation of the industrial revolution 4.0. So, it is obvious that if not now, in the future we’ll have to rely on technology to survive. We are already into depending on mobile applications from ordering our food to choosing our clothes. In near future, we’ll be able to control our home through eye contact! So, the practice of adopting technology must be ensured. 

Crime levels in Bangladesh:

The number of crimes taking place everyday is increasing. Bangladesh is one of the countries where crime takes place in every den, every area. According to Numbeo, The safety index in Bangladesh is 63.45 which is far from the scale of a safe country which is 36.55. The level of crime is 70.76 which is high. Breaking in home and stealing is moderate with 59.57 and increasing daily which shows the crimes have never been under control!

When there are problems, then there are solutions! But the developing countries are always on the contrary of the theories of adaptation to a new technology. People are so influenced by the traditional way of doing things they don’t want any change to take place. It is seen that they are more preferred to spend on things they can touch or eat rather than taking this kind of service. That is because they don’t know the importance of their security. How much these services can influence one’s life. Maybe they know about the internet and google but don’t even realize what Google has achieved to know about us over the years. They know where we go, where we live or work and everything! So, the responsibility to make them aware is onto the people who know.

The core reasons for the lesser developed security management in Bangladesh are the economic policies, educational negligence and unawareness of the people. People don’t get the education they deserve. A huge number of people don’t even get through primary school. As an economically developing country it isn’t possible to ask the government to do it for free also! The people are even surviving so roughly, how reasonable is it to ask them about these technology or security issues when they don’t even have any assurance of life? It is regardless to say that most of the people are unprivileged and middle class. The same situation about security applies to them also. The things that can be done are motivating them who really can afford new technology and the result will be half of them aren’t ready or interested in this change and maybe some of the half may consider thinking about it. More to that during the Covid-19 pandemic the ones that were into study or working all by themselves to keep their education going lost both their job and study. How do someone think of making their home more secure in this panic of surviving! This is insane! Ain’t it? So, educationally and financially it is mandatory to make your audience ready before taking any initiative which will take years of hard work that no one is ready to do!

Bangladesh is still developing. They cannot just initiate anything without thinking about the people. Better home and visitor management system is necessary but the people need time. For better efficiency all your records must be protected with better applications and systems. Almost everything that is done manually is gradually coming under technological progression. It is necessary to make awareness and think about people’s stability to afford a change both mentally and financially. It is understandable that technology brings efficiency  but it is also mandatory to learn and deal with the security issues generated by a new technology. The crime levels are increasing like it’ll never go down. To defend the inconveniences depending on the technology is so necessary. In the future, technology is going to replace humans because of the work efficiency. If we don’t adopt we’ll lag behind. It is tougher for a developing country to accept this change because of the economy and awareness. The pandemic of covid-19 made it even harder as the financial situation of the people downgraded. 

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