Smart Billing for Better Building Management

Smart Billing for Better Building Management

It is a common attribute in human nature to always look forward to converting the loop-holes in any system for our advantage. Billing management is one of those sensitive affairs, if not managed properly it shall imbalance the development & economical factors of any building and organization as well.

Rokkhi IT Solutions Limited is a company that works to digitalize every aspect of building management and building security. The aim is to create a Digital Building Management Ecosystem through a mobile application that is compatible with everyone.  Needless to say, it is one of their key-roles to come up with a billing system to reduce trouble and enhance the home management experience. Their billing management system has been developed to keep the simplest user experience and literacy concerns.

Why the Billing Management System of Rokkhi is Different?

Eliminates the Paper-Pen System

Rokkhi started its journey to put aside the conventional pen-paper system. Building guards still use the manual system to update their records and payments. On the other hand, the Rokkhi billing system developed an online system that can be monitored directly by the building owner. The guard works as a secondary force using the Rokkhi mobile app where the owner has to rely on guards or supervisors to provide the costs in the conventional system.

Saves Time

Aren’t we always in-short of time? We need everything fast and precise. Then why not in the building management system! Consider handling accounts through pen and paper and from your smartphone. Which one should be faster? In a mobile application, the bills are input and recorded on your phone which an individual can easily access anytime from anywhere. A precise tracking system. But in the pen-paper system, you have to go home, take the paper and input the details one after another manually. A hectic and time-consuming procedure that must be avoided.

Authenticity & Safety of Information

The building management committee controls the Rokkhi billing management system. No one can access the information other than the committee members. If the calculations are on paper someone may lurk into it in the absence of the responsible personality. The problem is solved through the Rokkhi platform.

The information that is recorded once in the system cannot be manipulated by anyone. It brings authenticity to all the billing information and no one can change it afterward. If there is any wrong input provided by the responsible person, they have to re-input to make it correct which shall be in the records so that other committee members can see the changes.

Reduces Dependency

Along with the Rokkhi billing service, it creates a flawless infrastructure for billing management. The information that is input while handling the accounts of the building will stay recorded and can be monitored from anywhere. The owner or committee members does not have to ask the supervisors or guards for the records. They can easily access the information and take steps accordingly. A flexible and accurate billing management system.

Billing management should never bring dependency. The owner or committee should carry the responsibility and it has to be fast and specific so that it doesn’t hamper other activities and occupations. That is why Rokkhi is found, setting up an aim to resolve the little problems through technology.


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