Growing Popularity of Gated Communities

Introduction: Gated communities are considered as new generation residents. These societies are superior because of some of their traits, that brings serenity, protection, and privacy in a particular area. Here, the question arises, how do they maintain a healthy lifestyle…Read more

How to Ensure Basic Home Safety

Having adequate home safety measurements can save us a lot of time, money, or maybe our life. Maintaining safety is not such a tough job to occupy. Maintain some basic steps to your everyday routine and you’re good to go.…Read more

Security Management of Apartments in Bangladesh

Introduction  Security is one of the fields where no improvisations are made. With the great progression of technology, we are now adapting ourselves to a more secure and reliable position. This development of society brings a lot of advantages to…Read more

Technological Security Solutions of different aspects in Bangladesh

Security problems have been one of the major concerns for over decades now. It never loses its way. One problem is solved, another joins the next day. It’s a hectic job to keep a clean and uninterrupted security management system.…Read more

Managing Expense is Managing Life

Home management expenses are never-ending. In every step of home management, you have to spend much of your efforts and money. So, it gets critical to keep track of the money spent on certain activities. Sometimes it is managed by…Read more

মেঘের রাজ্যে আমাদের ঠাই

বাংলাদেশে থাকেন অথচ সাজেক ভ্যালির গুণগান শুনেননি এরকম মানুষ খুব বেশি হয়ত হবেনা। দেশের সবথেকে বড় ইউনিয়ন হলো সাজেক। রাংগামাটিতে অবস্থিত সাজেক কে মেঘের রাজ্য বলা হয়। এখানকার অন্যতম আকর্ষণ হচ্ছে এর সূর্যোদয় এবং সূর্যাস্ত উপভোগ করা। চলুন দেখে আসি…Read more

Can We Rely on Technology For a Change

Security management has been one of the biggest challenges we face in today’s world. Particularly, in developing countries such Bangladesh it is tougher to ensure home safety of the mass population. Previously it has been proved that the conventional structure…Read more