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Rokkhi is a digital security management solution for gated premises ensuring maximum security and comfort to residents, guards, management committees and visitors. Rokkhi provides an accurate system of premise and real-time data to benefit users.

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Why Rokkhi

Rokkhi is able to improve security and access standards within a gated community by mobilizing cloud-based technologies to streamline both Security and Administrative Management functions using a single mobile app! Rokkhi provides an end-to-end security system that is technically solid and ensures data security


Low Cost Installation

A very low installation fee is needed.

Low Monthly Fee

With a goal to ensure security for everyone, Rokkhi keeps the service charge very low.

Secured System

Rokkhi’s unique and robust technology ensures all-round security for every home

Time Saver

With its interactive platform Rokkhi keeps you connected with your apartment security system in real time, no matter where you are!

Rokkhi For Home


Rokkhi offers many innovative features from improving security standard of your gated community to simplifying daily chores through its Security and Community Management modules. It is also a one-stop solution for community administrative committees to manage various community related tasks.


Security Management Features


Visitor Management

When a visitor comes to your house, you will get a full-screen notification on your phone that shows the visitor’s all relevant information including his photo, no matter whether you are at home or in office or elsewhere. Besides, you can also allow or deny his access in real-time from anywhere.

Service Worker Management

You will get notified regarding the entry and exit time of your regular service workers and you can also monitor their monthly attendance using Rokkhi app.

Vehicle Management

Vehicle or parking management will not be a hassle anymore. You will be notified every time your vehicle leaves or enters the building. And, security guards will also be able to find the empty parking lot very easily using the app.

Parcel Management

The security guard will send a notification when any parcel or letter is received. You would also be apprised of what type of parcel it is, where it has come from and who is receiving it and so on.

Child Security

Parents will get relieved as Rokkhi will help to ensure that their children don’t step out unaccompanied. So, whenever their children will try to go out, guard will bar them & call their parents at once using the Rokkhi app.

White List

Rokkhi users can approve access of their regular guests beforehand just by adding their name & phone no. in the list for more convenience.

Mobile Intercom

Using the Rokkhi app guard can call & communicate with the users anytime when needed. In this case, the user’s phone no. would always be invisible to guards thereby protecting users’ privacy.


Apartment Management Features


Apartment Bill & Payment

Apartment committee can easily track & monitor different types of apartment bills like service charges or utility bills and can send the online receipts to the flat dwellers and also notify them if there are any dues.

Community Expenditure Management

Using the Rokkhi app, the building committee can easily monitor & manage all expenses incurred for the development & maintenance of the entire apartment.

Community Meeting & Voting

From taking important decisions to fix & inform the next meeting date to all committee members as well as anonymous voting everything could be done just using the Rokkhi app.

Digital Notice Board

Using the Rokkhi app committee can send general or urgent notice like a power outage, water shortage, lift maintenance, etc. to all flat residents just within a few seconds.

Digital Complaint Box

Flat dwellers or tenants can submit their complaints or suggestions to the committee anytime from anywhere and the committee can also reply about their complaints through the app.



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Rokkhi offers numerous innovative features to simplify daily chores and improve security standards around your gated community through its Security and Community Management modules.


Our Team

Dr. Samir Uzzaman


Eshrar Osman

Executive Director

Abrar Masum

Founder & CEO

Fahim Hasnain

Senior Project Manager

MD. Abrar Galib

Head of Business Development

Shoaib Mehedi

VP of Engineering

Plabon Shekh

Deputy Managing Director

Tohameem Ahmed

Head Of Brand Marketing

Ahmed Estiak Bidhan

Head of Innovation

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